Clinic Reviews

After a year of pretty bad skin problems and not getting anywhere with the docs. WHAT a breath of fresh air Emma was!

She simplified my issues and I’m already seeing results a week after seeing her. I wish I went sooner & honestly recommend this if you’re struggling with skin problems 1 million percent! Affordable, personable & cuts through the BS!

Thank you Emma!

Huge thanks to Emma for helping me with my 4month old daughters eczema. I had tried cream after cream after moisturiser but nothing helped. Just a few days using the cream Emma prescribed the improvement has been huge. My daughter no longer scratches until she is bleeding and is far more settled and happier. Thank you so much xx

Amazing results

We are so relieved and delighted that we found Emma! Our son has had eczema since he was 8 weeks old. We’ve had months of GP’s shrugging his eczema off recommending different regimes that didn’t help, and telling us he didn’t need referral. Once he turned 14 months we were told he definitely needed referral but the waiting list was 9 months long. We desperately found Emma and how we wish we’d found her sooner! A week after starting Emma’s plan for our son his skin is the best it’s ever been. Eczema dramatically improved and his skin is lovely and smooth. Most importantly he is so much happier now that he’s comfortable. We are so pleased and couldn’t recommend Emma enough. She was so kind and professional. She really listened to our individual case. Thank you so much! We couldn’t be more grateful!

Emma was fantastic. Lovely to talk to and despite having eczema myself all my life, I was not aware of how to correctly apply creams and keep flare ups at bay. So having Emma to explain all so we know how to help my son has been great!


I thought I was going to have to live with awful eczema on my face forever. I’d tired everything. When I end to Emma it was kind of a last option. Within a few weeks and just simple treatment changes she’s got
My skin under control and it has stayed that way for the last three months. Highly recommend!!!

After trying several creams with my little boy and him having many sleepless night due to itching constantly,I was recommended to contact Emma.I am so glad I did.Emma is very knowledgeable and professional and gave us some creams to try and it’s worked brilliantly with my little boy.He has no sleepless nights and is so settled and the eczema is under control.Thank you so much Emma.

Emma at the Eczema Clinic has really helped me cope with my little girls eczema flare ups – it soon became apparent to us that despite gp/hv’s attempts to help – a specialist with experience dealing with such a complicated and individualistic condition is needed to get eczema under control , her approachable and warming manner instantly put me at ease and she really has been there to help and reassure me as I try different products. I would encourage others to seek professional advice from the eczema clinic before reaching out to others on social networking sites as “miracle” creams recommended by others can sometimes make conditions worse. Emma has the experience and knowledge to help create plans and suggest creams/products to try safely.

After numerous visits to the GP, and trying numerous creams, nothing was working.
We was recommended to book an appointment with Emma, and I can say we was not disappointed.

Emma not only provided invaluable information in the appointments, but was also contactable via phone or email for any queries or questions, and finally the eczema on my little boys face is under control.

After my son developed eczema at 8 months I was at the end of my tether trying to keep on top of it. But since seeing Emma and continuing the skincare routine she suggested his rash has all but gone! He’s sleeping all night again and is able to eat the foods he enjoys. Highly recommend! xxxxx

After seeing an endless amount of doctors and specialists and getting no where for the last 3 years with my little boy and not managing to come off steroid treatment for more than a week or 2 I really didn’t know what else I could do. I booked in with Emma around six months ago and the time she spent giving advice and going through everything with the treatments and creams and when and how I should use each product has made a huge difference to my boys skin. We are finally feeling like we are on top of it. The last few months he’s been steroid free which is amazing. I can’t thank Emma enough for her advice and help and would highly recommended her.

Great advice given by Emma and my skin is 100% better in a week ! After suffering with psoriasis for over 16 years and with it getting worse it’s so nice to finally see an improvement and it not being painful or uncomfortable anymore ! Thank you for your time and advice given.

great advice and my skin is 100 percent better after 2weeks really well worth a visit I’ve had dry skin for years much more supple and hydrated thanks, Alun


On behalf of my sister Kirsty……For the second time within a year Emma has come to the rescue with my daughter and her eczema flare ups. I really can’t recommend her highly enough. Her knowledge on this subject far outweighs that of the GPs I have seen. Twice after being dismissed with “its just eczema” my baby and I have left the surgery with nothing more than a prescription for moisturiser. 24 hours after seeing Emma and using what she has prescribed and my daughter is out of pain and discomfort and her flare up has calmed down incredibly. Thank you so much Emma your understanding of eczema and your compassion with my little girl has been amazing xxxx

Big thanks to Emma for sorting my ankles out really wished I went to see her years ago as the doctors kept giving me creams etc and nothing was happening but soon as I saw Emma after two weeks there a big improvement I’d 100% recommend people to go and see her if you have a skin condition she really knows her stuff! Cheers rich

I’ve suffered from psoriasis for 22 years. I was as the point where I had tried everything and had resigned myself to the fact that I was stuck with it.
I was sick of being told that I was “lucky,” not to have it too bad and that I was married so it wasn’t a problem?!
Wearing my hair in a low ponytail to hide my hairline. Not wearing black. Wearing longer sleeves. Not showing my knees.
Trust me, a skin condition can knock a person in so many ways. The severity of it isn’t the issue, it’s the very fact that it affects you personally.
I met Emma following a recommendation and she was amazing. She “got it”, that in itself was so refreshing and for the first time I was speaking to someone who understood how it affects day to day life.
Within 4 days of following the management plan, the “psoriasis” which actually turned out to be eczema had disappeared.
My family were in disbelief and my husband had never known me without it!
I’m now 4 weeks in and with Emma’s support, I am completely clear.
I can’t recommend Emma enough, even when you’re at the stage that I was.
Education is everything and I only wish I had made this appointment years ago.
Thank you Emma 

Just would like to say a big thankyou to Emma! After having psoriasis for 15 years and thinking I’ve tried everything I was a bit sceptical to go to Emma but After reading so many reviews I thought why not …. and I am so glad I did! Within four days my scalp psorias was almost gone and within a week and half my skin psoriasis is much better! So happy!

Amazing service. Very kind and amazing with kids. My little boys face… wow what a difference. Thank you xx

I would recommend anyone with problematic eczema to see Emma.
There is no cure for the condition but we have been trying to manage the symptons for 23 years with little or no results. After only two appointments with Emma, there is already a visable improvment to my daughters skin.

Emma worked with my daughter to find a routine that is manageable around her daily life and she is always available for advice if there are any problems. All the products are available on prescription, Emma does not sell or promote products.

I can’t thank or recommend Emma enough for the help and guidance she has given me in the treatment of my facial eczema.
I have put up with painful, unsightly flare ups for too many years as I felt nothing I was prescribed made a difference. After 7 days of following Emma’s management plan I have an eczema free face for the first time in 10 years.
Emma’s experience and knowledge of eczema is outstanding and I would have no hesitation in recommending her.

Would recommended Emma to anyone who has eczema, my little boy Oliver has severe eczema and I have struggled to treat it and to stop his flare ups. He had it since he was about 4 months old and ever since we have been passed from GP to GP then around 10 months later they finally agreed to refer Oliver to a dermatologist. The dermatologist didn’t really give me much more advice only changed his creams and told me to try. Again these didn’t work, so my health visitor recommended I go to Emma and it is the best think I’ve ever done. Not only did she help me contain Olivers breakouts, but she explained why type of eczema he has and how we could go about to make him more comfortable. Since seeing Emma Oliver has slept all night without fail and is no longer I comfortable or irritable. Just by Emma changing his moisturiser and educating me on how to cream his skin and how often to use his steroid cream. I honestly couldn’t thank her enough she has helped my little boy so so much and I will continue seeing her until he is able to treat his skin himself. Amazing friendly women!

I started to see Emma about 3 months ago for my son’s skin – he was 6 months old and suffering from really bad eczema – within a few days we saw a massive improvement now 3 months on his eczema has gone – i never thought this would happen we even took him swimming last week for the first time. Emma is so knowledgeable and was fantastic with my son she took the time to explain how to apply the creams correctly and was always at the end of the phone to help with any questions i had. I cannot thank Emma enough for her help and would recommend her.

More than happy with my son’s skin after seeing emma. She recommended the doctor a few things to help with his skin and it cleared up within a few days. Wish I knew about the eczema clinic a long time ago. Thank you so much Emma! Xxx

I am amazed!!! I saw Emma on Thursday about my son’s skin. He was diagnosed with Eczema at 4 months old and we’ve never been able to get it under control. We’ve seen numerous drs, and I have previously paid to see a dermatologist. Emma has been amazing, she has explained things we haven’t been told till now and in 3 days my son’s skin is clear. Thank you!!

I am over the moon with the advice and support I have received from Emma. The medication and moisturisers she recommended my GP to prescribe have worked wonders and the eczema on my face and neck has all but disappeared after less than a week. Emma has a professional, supportive and friendly approach and I would have no hesitation in recommending her services to anyone for help with their or their children’s skin problems.

I cannot thank you enough for today Emma, after suffering with psoriasis for 14 years with very little help or advice from the NHS you have given me hope that my skin can get better, you have even shown me how to put moisturiser on properly.  I’m so glad I contacted you. You listened to me and explained so much to me. I literally cannot thank you enough……

Amazing, professional care and advice for my son from Emma, thank you! I would definitely recommend the clinic.

Emma has treated my son and my nephew and is absolutely I forget how bad my daughters eczema was! Emma really really helped. She started her off on the road to recovery and helped me to manage it and now she has hardly any! It was awful before. I had run out of options! Thanks Emma xx

I have been to see Emma twice now with my 1 year old son the first time I was nearly pulling my hair out with the lack of sleep as my son would keep me up crying he was in so much pain though scratching.

Once she told me how to use the creams properly within days he was sleeping 12 hrs straight and I had my happy little boy back.

Thanks Emma I will be recommending you to anybody that needs your help

My sons skin is so much better after seeing Emma. Someone having the time to listen to concerns and give thorough advice and treatment plans is fantastic.

Emma has treated my son and my nephew and is absolutely fantastic!!!! Amazing at helping cope with eczema and relates fantastically 2 all ages!!! Highly recommend

Awesome, I’d been experiencing some severe dry skin issues as a result of triathlon training. Following a consultation and cream recommendations, only one week later my skin is vastly improved. I can’t recommend the skills and support highly enough. Amazing professional!

I can’t thank Emma enough for helping my son with his skin condition. I was very impressed by her professional expertise and experience in Dermatology. After months of suffering with his skin, it is now much better with the specific creams and washes suggested. Would highly recommend to anyone I know. 

Professional, friendly and able to offer advice and guidance that my GP couldn’t. Would highly recommend. I was given a routine to do and noticed visible improvements within days and feel like I’ve got my self confidence back and health. Many thanks The Eczema Clinic!

I have had eczema since a young child and have had the constant battle of the itch , the discomfort and as I’ve got older the self consciousness of what my hands and face look like. Emma’s friendly and professional advice has for the first time helped me to understand the condition and take control of it . Since following Emma’s advice I have seen a huge improvement in my general skin condition and a drastic decline in breakouts . I can’t thank you enough for helping me.1st class service , 1st class results

I would not hesitate in recommending Emma at The Eczema Clinic for help with any skin related health issues. The advice that she gave was spot on – where our GP was unable to suggest a treatment which worked on our daughter’s skin condition, Emma’s up-to-date knowledge in her field meant that she was able to give advice on a new treatment which started working immediately! We are so grateful for her help. Thank you

We can’t thank Emma enough for all the help and advice she has given us. Our 8 year old son, Owen, has had eczema from birth but Emma has helped us successfully manage it. Emma was also brilliant when Owen caught Molluscum Contagiosum a few months ago. Our GP said nothing could be done and that it would take 2 years to clear. However 2 months after a consultation with Emma and it’s virtually gone.
She is a lovely lady and has a wonderful way with children.
Thank you so much for all your help.

Within 2 weeks of seeing Emma, the improvement in my eczema is unbelievable! Emma explained that there is no magic solution but having followed Emma’s advice and applied the cream and ointment she recommended be prescribed by my GP, the results are genuinely fantastic. Just wish I hadn’t suffered for so long before making that appointment! “Thank you”

My son has suffered from birth with his eczema. We’re currently into day 10 of his 2 week management plan and his skin is nearly completely clear. Highly recommended ! Heartfelt thanks to Emma

Emma is amazing and so helpful and knowledgeable. The treatment prescribed has changed our daughters lifestyle and she is no longer in pain. We can’t thank u enough. Xx

Emma is amazing and so helpful and knowledgeable. The treatment prescribed has changed our daughters lifestyle and she is no longer in pain. We can’t thank u enough. Xx